Hi, friends! We’re Jema and Berna.  Our podcast, Ticket2Blog, teaches you how to be a content creator.  And a nomad (optional).  Without losing your mind.  Or selling your soul. 

Listen to Episode 1 to get the full DL, but here’s the short[er] version:

Wait, who are you?

​Jema is a professional blogger and slow-travel expert who has been crushing the blogging nomad game for over 6 years at ​HalfTheClothes.com.  She’s been traveling at least twice that long.  She’s living proof that you don’t have to sell out to be successful, and she wants to pass her tips and tricks onto Berna (and you)!

Berna is a total n00b wannabe who, with her partner, paid off $50k in student loans and quit their jobs to travel.  She writes at HeyBerna.com.  Berna reached out to Jema simply to fangirl, but once they got to chatting, they realized their convos — expert blogger to eager student — might be useful to other aspiring bloggers. They decided to start Ticket2Blog to test that theory.

​Ok, but why?

Creators like Jema have worked their butts off to build the dream Millennial life: Travel a ton, make your own work hours, take the illest beach ‘grams in the process. But as Berna quickly found out, trying to become a successful blogger/vlogger/insta-queen is super overwhelming. Berna is willing to ask every stupid question out loud as she figures it out, and blessedly, Jema is willing to take her years of expertise and answer them with total honesty: No market-y gimmicks. No soul-sucking blogger tricks. No bullsh*t.

So Where Are You Now?

When the podcast started in early 2018, Berna was about to start a ’round the world adventure with her partner – from San Francisco to New Zealand to Bali, Indonesia… and then?  Jema had just flown from Honduras to Arizona, then on to New Hampshire, climbed Mt. Washington, then kicked it in Philadelphia, Vancouver, Portland, and then  rural Oregon… and on and on.

Are You Worth My Earbud Time?

Well… that’s a personal choice.  But so far our listeners say:

    • It dawned on me after episode 4 (I’m a little slow sometimes) that even if I’m not traveling I can apply your lessons and learn vicariously through you and get my damn blog going!! Thanks again – super grateful to have this podcast come at the right time to light a fire under my ass and get me writing again.
    • You’re my new fave podcast. Bc not only is your stuff helpful, but it also makes me feel like I’m not crazy for not wanting to do all the stuff that the whole blogging world/society in general makes me feel like I have to do. And I appreciated that SO MUCH  ~ SightsBetterSeen on Instagram
    • Lots of good information on this podcast, but love that it is still a very interesting listen for those (like me) that will most likely never write a travel blog.
    • I’ve been listening to your podcast and I’m absolutely loving it! I may not be living the complete nomad life but I find the conversation and content to be very helpful!
    • These ladies are candid,  funny – there’s a lot of good content. You should take notes when you’re listening! If you’re thinking about taking on a new, serious commitment of writing while traveling well, there’s no better advice than listening to Ticket2Blog.

What’s With Your Amazing Logo?

It’s the split-second genius of Swagbot Creative’s Shawn Matthews.  We’re lucky.  We know.

Who Wrote Your Awesome Show Music?

So glad you asked!   It’s See You Later by Pitx.  It’s available thanks to this Creative Commons License.  Our transition is ukulele jingle by buzbe20.  It’s available thanks to this Creative Commons License.