How to Juggle Multiple Projects: T2B 9

How Do You Prioritize Multiple Projects?

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  • What are some good time management strategies?  Especially when faced with multiple projects with different audiences & intentions?
  • What do you do to effectively manage your time so you have time to create (while juggling multiple projects)?
  • How do I strike a balance between going with the flow vs planning?
  • How do you know when it’s time to stop and hit the reset button?
  • How do you make time to stop and hit the reset button?
  • How do you keep work from sneaking in and eating up your rest/reset time?
What do you do to effectively manage your time?  The Ticket 2 Blog podcast explains how to balance going with the flow vs planning.
Stressed out? Too much to do? This ep is for you!

Links to references made in the podcast:

  • Jema’s project buckets
    • free SEO training for newbies
    • T2B support crew
    • Podcast Movement – a great FB group for podcasters where Jema runs a weekly activity. (NB – Jema’s activity not available for summer)
    • Jema’s Half the Clothes travel website about to deploy its life hacking section and five new articles
    • Where you can contact Jema if you’re interested in an online business internship
    • – the coming-soon website to help people who want to hack their housing or financial life by living in a van, tiny house, or other creative structure.
    • Work exchanging – what Jema spends 10-15 hours of her week doing.  Her favorite travel and life hack!
  • A Depth Year – David Cain’s hypothetical idea that his Raptitude readers were immediately desperate to make a reality.
    (And Raptitude’s taglines are actually “a street level look at the human existence” and “getting better at being human.”  If you’re listening… sorry, David!)
  • Episode 5 where we talked about the “How to Have Time to Do Everything” exercise. And Warren Buffet’s 5/25 advice response to “How do you prioritize multiple projects?”

    (And How to Fit Creating and Marketing into a Busy Life? without Dependable WiFi.)


Timestamp Listening:

  • 01:57 . . . How do you prioritize multiple projects?
  • 04:05 . . . How Jema splits her time when stressed out
  • 05:06 . . . How to know when to pull the brakes on multiple projects and hit the reset button
  • 08:16 . . . How it feels for Berna (and most people!) to consider pulling the brakes on the stressed-out-too-much-to-do life.
  • 10:40 . . . Berna recognizes which signs in her life have actually been pointing to the need for at least a break from juggling multiple projects.
  • 12:35 . . . How to hit the reset button once you’ve taken a break from being stressed out with too much to do.
  • 14:59 . . . How long you should rest once you’ve started wondering, “What do you do to effectively manage your time?”
  • 15:32 . . . People who are good at resting. And why westerners aren’t.
  • 16:57 . . . The few westerners who are good at resting (as opposed to asking, “What are some good time management strategies?”), how they’re doing it, and how you can, too.
  • 17:21 . . . Why your break from life needs to be two weeks – not one.
  • 17:56 . . . You know you’re a westerner when…
  • 18:27 . . . The mindset that will help you successfully take an important break from life
  • 20:30 . . . What it means if something seems hard and scary.
  • 20:50 . . . What rest and dehydration have in common
  • 21:43 . . . How to design a routine that doesn’t lead to overwhelming stress and anxiety. And that helps you get what you want out of life.
  • 23:04 . . . What happens to your productivity compulsion when you rest. And why.
  • 25:14 . . . The bright side of being constantly driven to hyper-productivity.
  • 32:05 . . . What to do if you can’t make yourself rest.
  • 34:02 . . . How to strike a balance between going with the flow vs planning.
  • 34:42 . . . Berna’s homework (that you can do, too!)
  • 36:00 . . . How to get your T2B fix between episodes
  • 38:05 . . . What Berna is most dreading in her life
  • 40:11 . . . Why Jema wants you to stop saying “doing nothing.”
  • 40:39 . . . What Jema is (ironically?) dreading in her life
  • 42:41 . . . Outtakes. Come. Laugh with us!


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