Ep 6: Why Projects Fail… and What Your Audience Thinks

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Today your no-bullsh*t podcast asks:

How do you manage separate identities and projects as a content creator?

  • What do I do when I get overwhelmed with projects?  Can I combine them?  Give up?  Something in between?
  • What happens to my audience when I change my mind?  Do they get mad?  Do they leave?
  • What happens when I do something I care about outside my usual content area?
  • How do I deal with all the crap that I’m trying to do for other people that’s driving me crazy?  How do I disappointing other people without crushing my own soul?


Links to references made in the podcast:

  • Why Jema also didn’t run away with the circus, on top of never following through on her intention to blog about circus school.
  • I Just Discovered – the website Jema made months ago, but has lingered in the “not as important as Ticket 2 Blog, or Wanderlife.co, or HalfTheClothes.com.
  • Episode 4 ? Which explains how long it takes to make “evergreen” content (info that’s good for years and years).  And why consistency isn’t really that important.
  • Episode 3 ? Where we talk about how your circle of influence is not super enormous (which applies to this episode? the pressure of “everyone” is going to be disappointed is 1- small, and 2- false!)
  • The Accountability Partner concept ? the secret to doing everything!
  • Felicia’s Wallet ? Berna’s YouTube series about personal finance and how to figure out the rules of money that nobody told us growing up.
  • #YouthNotes ? Berna’s big passion that she’s exploring everywhere she goes in her travels
  • Episode 5 ? where we talk about Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule and why it’s a solution to de-stress your whole life.
  • Wanderlife.co ? the project Jema is doing instead of taking a break after Ticket 2 Blog launch madness.


Timestamp Listening:

  • Locations in the world responsible for today’s sound quality
  • A super common pattern between male/female travel couples
  • Why so many of our/your projects fail (and why it’s okay!)
  • Jema’s answer to whether or not Berna should abandon ship
  • When Jema usually announces a new project and why
  • Why starting something doesn’t make you feel the way you think it will.
  • Berna realizes what actually happens to your audience (and why) when you change projects
  • Why beginner content producers get confused about content production so easily.
  • Why new content producers generally struggle to maintain multiple identities/brands/projects.
  • The barrier that many new content makers hit, (that we hit with this podcast!), and how to get over it.
  • What it feels like to work on something when you don’t know (or care about!) your why
  • Jema’s (traumatic!) memories from baby blogger days & Berna’s identical experiences
  • How your audience feels when you show up.  And when you don’t.
  • What to do with the energy you have for a project that isn’t a fit for your audience.
  • Berna’s question about the travel blogger industry that Jema was afraid to answer.  But did.
  • Berna’s revelations about the consequences of being a people pleaser.
  • Why being a people pleaser cuts you off from your actual sense of purpose
  • What Berna’s going to do about her content-creator identity crisis
  • Berna’s (self-assigned) homework for this episode
  • what Berna wants to talk about next week
  • How listeners can get their Ticket 2 Blog fix between episodes
  • What Berna’s most dreading in her nomad life this week
  • What Jema is dreading
  • Hilarious out takes




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