Are Blogging Courses Worth It? – T2B 17

When is the right time to start shopping for professional blogging courses?

  • What should I spend money on as a new blogger?
  • I keep seeing one professional blogging course after another. Are they worth it?  How do I know?
  • If I decide to get a blogging-for-beginners course, how do I choose a good one?
  • How do I know where to spend money for blog growth? SEO?  Graphic design?  Consultant?
  • How do I find the best blogging course?
If youre in search of a blogging for beginners course, or are trying to figure out where I should spend money as a new blogger, listen to this episode to help you grow like a little seedling!
Are blogging courses worth it? Its so hard to know where to spend money for blog growth. Listen up to learn when you should pay for a professional blogging course, when you shouldnt, and how to choose a good one. – photo: daniel hjalmarsson


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  • 2:30 . . . The mindset that will help you answer “what should I spend money on as a new blogger?”
  • 5:22 . . . Two things that will happen if you invest money in your site
  • 7:03 . . . What you need to admit before deciding where to spend money for blog growth
  • 9:39 . . . Step one to do before shopping for the best blogging courses
  • 10:48 . . . What will happen if you don’t spend money for blog growth
  • 12:52 . . . The #1 thing to consider before purchasing a professional blogging course
  • 18:46 . . . Two ways to know whether or not a course is going to be good value
  • 21:28 . . . How to find the very best blogging course
  • 22:49 . . . Berna’s self-assigned homework from the episode
  • 24:20 . . . How to get your Ticket 2 Blog fix between episodes
  • 25:46 . . . Berna’s biggest current fail
  • 26:42 . . . Jema’s biggest current fail
  • 29:42 . . . Bloopers!  Imperfections: we’ve got ’em!

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