Ep 8: Where to Put SEO Keywords. And Why.

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What are SEO keywords?  Where?  When?  Why?

  • How do I do SEO?  When I put my fingers to the keyboard, what should I know about?
  • I know I should be using keywords, but what words do the SEO Robots like?


  • How long will it take me to stop hating SEO?
  • Can I still be funny and have good SEO?
  • How do I know if my SEO is working?
  • How long does it take to SEO a piece of content?
Ep 8 explains how to do SEO yourself. You can join other listeners in our SEO tutorial step by step with examples challenge that happens once every quarter. Use your laptop and get seo help for my website
Every new content creator asks, “How do I do SEO for my website?”  Or really, “Do I need to do SEO?” (And then crosses their fingers very tightly that the answer is no. )  This episode will transform SEO from a scary beast to a kind pet.  Let’s go!

Links to references made in the podcast:

  • The “Why a Hard Working Perfectionist… Doesn’t Want a Job” article Jema wrote that she hasn’t SEO’d yet.  (So it’s only getting eyeballs from established readers and people who come from pages that have been SEO’d.)
  • How to Have Time to Do Everything – the article Jema wrote for the ep5 shownotes that she then SEO’d.
  • Episode 1 – where Berna and Jema rank their weirdness on the scale of 1-10.  And where we talk about blogs vs. journals.
  • Google’s 200 Ranking Factors that we talked about in episode 7… where you find out about a million (okay 200) little things that go into determining your SEO score.
  • Episode 3 where we talk about your sphere of influence… including why it’s worth writing your version of on topics that have already been written about.
  • Episode 5 where Berna gave herself what-to-do-with-no-wifi homework.
  • The first video (but 3rd in the series!) Berna finished when she didn’t have wifi.
  • One of the blog posts Berna wrote in her no wifi time.


Timestamp Listening:

  • 2:15
    Where our sound quality comes from
  • 3:05
    The two categories of SEO
  • 4:39
    How to figure out what keywords to use
  • 9:33
    When Jema puts keywords in as she writes… and when she doesn’t.
  • 10:37
    Jema’s content creator life isn’t just SEO successes (no one’s life is!).  Here are some things she hasn’t SEO’d or SEO’d well.
  • 11:57
    How SEO (for Berna) went from being like “a scary monster” to “a kind dog.”
  • 13:22
    How long it usually takes new content creators to stop hating SEO
  • 14:01 
    A sentence Berna thought she’d never say about SEO
  • 14:28
    Where to actually put keywords and why
  • 19:13
    The keyword quick list
  • 21:11
    What to do with the great parts of your content that don’t fit the SEO mold
  • 22:11
    How to track if SEO is working for you
  • 25:05
    How much time SEO takes Jema
  • 26:59
    How often you should practice SEO as a newbie
  • 28:51
    A statistic to encourage you to do SEO
  • 30:23
    Other SEO factors (outside of what you do with content) that really matter
  • 34:29
    How you can join Berna in her SEO homework
  • 35:07
    How to get your Ticket 2 Blog fix between episodes
  • 36:25
    Question to look forward to next episode
  • 36:52
    Berna’s lack-of-wifi homework results from episode 5.
  • 39:38
    Where to see the things Berna did when she (finally!) didn’t have wifi.

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One thought on “Ep 8: Where to Put SEO Keywords. And Why.

  1. Jim Jones says:

    I think the biggest “aha!” moment for me in learning about SEO was around figuring out what keywords to use for a post. This took me months to wrap my brain around, and I’m still not sure that I have it 100%. But boy, I wish I would have listened to this podcast months ago. Your explanation of how to find the keywords your audience is looking for made much more sense to me than anything else I’ve ever read. Well done!

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